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Illuminate LED Retractable Dog Leash

Illuminate LED Retractable Dog Leash - The Happy Cerberus

Illuminate LED Retractable Dog Leash

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Do you regularly walk your dog(s) when it’s dark outside? Would you like to be able to walk your dog at night safely and without much restrictions? Introducing the Illuminate Retractable Dog Leash!


This retractable dog leash has everything you need for dog walks.

  • Easy to operate torch switch to activate light on the front of the leash handle
  • 4 LED lights to ensure that the path forward is always shone brightly (2 x AA batteries required to operate light)
  • Has a compartment at the base of the leash handle to act as a pet mess bag dispenser (stores one roll at a time)
  • Durable rope that stretches up to 5 metres and is retractable


Get your Illuminate Retractable Dog Leash now so that you can walk with your dog safely at night! For walks in the dark, we also highly recommend partnering your new retractable dog leash with one or more of the following:


P.S. The Illuminate Retractable Dog Leash DOES NOT come with batteries

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