4 Ways To Spend Valentine’s Day With Your Dog

Hello everyone! Valentine’s Day is just around the corner ❤️ Don’t have anyone to spend Valentine’s Day with? Don’t fret!


Here are 4 ways to spend Valentine’s Day with your best furry friend:


  1. Walkies

The classic walk. Instead of your usual route, try something else different. If it’s too hot outside, make sure to prepare plenty of water for you and your fur babies and walk under shady spots if possible. If it’s too cold, cover your fur babies up and increase the pace on your walk to warm yourselves up


  1. Baking Day

Spoil you and your fur babies on this day by baking some treats. Pawshake has some good dog friendly recipes that you can try baking at home! You can check them out here.


  1. Pamper Session

Have a fabulous pamper session with / for your fur babies. Run the bath and give them the tender loving care they truly deserve. Some candles and soothing music wouldn’t hurt either (just make sure that candles are at a safe distance away to avoid accidents!)


  1. Photoshoot Session

What better way to get intimate with your fur babies by photographing them like one of your French bulldogs? (sorry for the bad reference, we just had to. Try taking some awesome photos so you can print and frame them. Don’t worry too much about taking the perfect picture. The whole point is to have fun after all. Let their personality shine.


Hope you have a fantastic Valentine’s Day ahead, celebrating love, pets and life in general ❤️

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