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5 Ways To Exercise Your Dogs Indoors

With the fires still coming in strong, it is important that we all stay safe inside away from the smoke. The last thing we want is for us and our fur babies being sick and adversely affected by the smoke outside 😔   Even though this means that there’s a high possibility that we'll be missing out on walks outside, there are many ways where we can still get our fur babies to exercise and/or be stimulated. Here's how to keep your dogs stimulated:   1) Run your dog up and down the stairs (if possible) Running up and down the stairs is a fantastic way to tire out your dog. If you don't believe us, why don't you try it...

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Be Kind to Animals Week

Be Kind to Animals week is on the first week of October. In an effort to recognise this cause, we will donate 50% of all sales from 1st October to 7th October to RSPCA Australia.

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How To Take Your Dog's Measurements For Clothes

Do you love to dress your dog(s) up? Nothing is more frustrating than to pick up your order and excitedly try it on your dog only to find out it doesn’t fit ☹️ Don’t worry, we’re here to tell you how to make sure you get the correct measurements to avoid future disappointments 🙂

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