National Train Your Dog Month

National Train Your Dog Month 🐾

DID YOU KNOW - January is National Train Your Dog Month in the US! 🐾
Each Friday this January, let's try spend some time to teach your pup a new trick or just refresh their memory of a trick they haven't done in a while!
My favourite trick I've taught a dog is to go between and through my legs for a treat. This trick has no practical use whatsoever, but still a fun trick to show off to your friends 😂
I've found the best way to train a pup is plenty of treats and patience. Younger puppies may take much quicker to learn new tricks compared to older dogs, but they also have much shorter attention spans. If they don't get it the first time, don't get mad at them. Instead, take a rest and come back again later. Most importantly, always practise positive reinforcement, whether that's with treats or plenty of pats 🐶
What fancy tricks have you taught your pup? We'd love to hear about them!
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