5 Ways To Exercise Your Dogs Indoors

With the fires still coming in strong, it is important that we all stay safe inside away from the smoke. The last thing we want is for us and our fur babies being sick and adversely affected by the smoke outside 😔


Even though this means that there’s a high possibility that we'll be missing out on walks outside, there are many ways where we can still get our fur babies to exercise and/or be stimulated. Here's how to keep your dogs stimulated:


1) Run your dog up and down the stairs (if possible)

Running up and down the stairs is a fantastic way to tire out your dog. If you don't believe us, why don't you try it out for yourself first 😉 Our personal favourite game to play is by standing at the top of the stairs and dropping your dog's toy down and getting them to fetch and come back up. They'll be exhausted in no time. However, please do take extra care especially if your dog has joint problems or other health issues. 


2) Keep away and fetch

Good old classic fetch. If your dog doesn't know how to play fetch yet, this is the perfect time to teach them. Start by getting a treat in one hand and a toy of your choice in the other. As most dogs tend to chase anything that moves, they will most likely chase anything you throw away from it. Begin the game by throwing the toy away from them, preferably along a corridor. Once they pick the toy up, call for them in an excited tone as dogs can read your energy. Reward them with a treat once they give you the toy back. Rinse and repeat.


3) Mind puzzles

Mind puzzles are a great way to stimulate your dog's mind. Get them to work for their treat. A common game played is to put a treat under 1 of 3 cups. Swap the cups around and get your dog to figure out which cup holds the treat. This will not only stimulate their mind, but work on their sense of smell too. 


4) Play hide and seek

Thought that hide and seek was playing among people only? Let's show you how you can play this with your dogs as well. You can either make your dog find a treat that you've hidden, or even find you! Your dog will always be the one seeking, so get them to stay in a room while you prepare. Just like any hide and seek game, hide you or the treat that you want your dog to find. When you're ready, just call for them and have a fun time!


5) Play tug of war

Another classic game with your dog. To prepare, have a sturdy tug rope and also make sure your space is clear of anything that will break as this game will need plenty of space. As this is a highly competitive game, just beware when your dog gets too competitive which may lead them to develop aggressive behaviour. This is when you should slow / lighten the mood down and bring it down a notch. The last thing you want to happen is that your dog develops aggressive behaviour and negatively affects your trust and relationship with them.


Here’s to staying safe and keep on exercising! 🐾

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