Be Kind to Animals Week

be kind to animals week 


Be Kind to Animals week is on the first week of October. In an effort to recognise this cause, we will donate 50% of all sales from 1st October to 7th October to RSPCA Australia.


During this week, we ask that you please take a step back and remember to be kind to an animal. There are many simple actions you can take to help out this cause. It could be as simple as being kind to your fur babies at home or stopping for ducks to cross the road, especially now that spring is in the air and the ducklings are popping up here in Canberra!


Even if you don’t have a pet yet and are thinking of getting one, please consider adopting from your local pet shelter instead of buying from a pet store. Regarding dogs specifically, we are indirectly supporting puppy mills by buying from a pet store.


Puppy mills (or farms) are a type of commercial dog breeding facility. It is an open secret that these establishments breed dogs for quantity and not quality. Puppy mills often keep animals in cruel conditions which will not only be detrimental to their current wellbeing but their offspring have severe risk of genetic defects in the future. The authorities are doing all they can to shut them down but we have to play our part in stopping puppy mills as well.


For more information regarding this cause, please check out the following links:


Remember – Adopt, don’t shop.

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