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Pet Sprinkler Pad

Pet Sprinkler Pad

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Let your dog out! Have a splash and have fun. Bigger than other Sprinkler Splash pads in the market, our Pet Sprinkler Pad is up to 170cm in diameter!

Ideal for big dogs, or for the whole pack to take a bath together. It fits more than one dog. This sprinkler is ideal for summer to let your down get away from the heat, and cool down. You can use it during the whole year to wash your dog on the patio, without making a mess, and keep your dog entertained.


  • To prevent damage to the Pet Sprinkler, make sure to extend it on a flat surface free of stones, branches, or any debris that could pierce the vinyl.
  • Likewise, for the health of your pet and the durability of the product. Keep your dog's nails trimmed and filed properly.
  • Damages caused by misuse are not subject to warranty claims.



  • Standard hose connection.
  • Easy to fill and store back.
  • Adjust the water flow with your water valve.
  • Durable PVC material
  • BPA free - Non-Toxic
  • Materials: PVC

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