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Keeping your dog hydrated during exercise is important. This not only prevents your dog from dehydrating, it also prolongs how long your dog can continue exercising for.


Dogs get just as thirsty in cold weather as they do in hot weather? This is because humidity in the air drops greatly which causes dehydration in dogs. They need adequate hydration have extra energy to keep themselves warm.

This is where our Water Saver comes in – the ultimate solution to keeping your dog hydrated without wasting water!

Here are a few reasons our Water Saver is a must-have for all dog owners:

  • Save water: Dispense exactly how much water you need with a push of a button and slide the lock to prevent excess water from escaping the bottle, nothing worse than wasting water on a dog walk!
  • 100% leakproof: The seal ring between the trough and the base along with the locking mechanism ensures double protection against any leakage
  • Environmentally friendly: This bottle is made out of high quality antibacterial food grade ABS plastic, FDA approved and BPA-free
Water Saving Bottle Features
  • Highly portable: This bottle comes with a wrist strap to prevent accidental dropping and weighs up to 380g (13.5oz) only

Water Saving Bottle Portability


  1. Tilt bottle with trough facing downwards at an angle and press the middle button to release water.
  2. Release the middle button once you have desired amount of water.
  3. Hold the middle button down and tilt bottle back upright to let unused water flow back into bottle. 


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